Ophanim & Seraphim - Actual Galactic Bedtime HiStory for Kids

Bird Tribe Vs Serpent Tribe

the sacrifice ( sacred orifice ) is complete

the eggs are ready ... external eggs!

mammals are not in the scene as yet

incubation (in da cube) is the the order of the day

just like it is for our genepool on earth ?!

the hypercube presents a way out but patience is required

the two sets of eggs are different though

what could be different ?

clue: only one set has golden mean symmetry

the seraphim (serpent tribe, nagas) are born first

all the talk about dracos populating the galaxy first!

kadru is actually kad-uru ... uru roots of the serpent tribe

now we know who uru-shalem (jerusalem) means a lot to

also uru-q as in iraq and uru-guay

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