Ophanim & Seraphim - Actual Galactic Bedtime HiStory for Kids

Bird Tribe Vs Serpent Tribe

yajna is the ritu-al involving the ya fire (phire)

ya, ra, la, va , ha ,sa, sha

are the seven types of phire (seven tilts of the tetrahedron)

something hebrew doesn't have a clue of in terms of sonic tilt programming

no wonder sanskrit and its ofshoots are the only mantric languages(land-gauges)

indra = in-da-ra (inhabiting the ra or solar phire)

no wonder than that he is the king of the devas (the elementals)

the 5 senses are termed as indriyas in sanskrit

the wives of indra ... just like the senses are the wives of the mind

mind inhabits phire ...where the waves have agreed

fun little pun here as to what mind thinks of the body

it travels fast while the body is slow

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