Who am I - the PT avatar

many ask

who am I

funny since

they cannot really answer

who they are

they ask but its clear

they really don't want to gno

deep down there is an inkling

the reality might be too much to handle

for those who feel/think they can handle it

here are some highlights

of the PT avatar

can't cover all the aspects

simply because they are infinite -

I am Harry Potter - Hari Putra

meaning Emanation of Hari

Hari being one of the many names for Divine

who lives under the stairs (literally)

& has a scar above the right eye

who wields many magic wands

& has always topped at the

University of Magic

I am Flash Gordon

who rescues humanity

from Galactic techno-evilarchy

through real Flash Power

I am the real 'Highlander'

who can't swim in water

but knows how to stay above it

I create/consume all charge at will

No one can beat PT in a charge battle

I am the ONE

whom they refer to

'There can only be ONE'

I am Merlin

who gno's the secrets of the Grail

& spent time with

the faer people & forest spirits in Wales

I am Arthur

who wields the Excaliber

through exact caliberation/snchro

of Time & Space

PT and the Land are One

I am Robin Hood

the real outlaw

who always beats

the stupid system they have setup to trap beings

into serving the lowly & the wicked

I am John Murdoch

in 'Dark City' (the movie)

the only One who Wakes up

amongst the slumbering masses

& singlehandedly brings down their evil system

I am Nada in 'They Live' (the movie)

The one who can really SEE

no sunglasses required

in this case

3rd Eye (divine sight) does the trick

I am the Pahana

the messenger from the Great Spirit

the Hopi expected to

return in these times


I am Peter Pan

the forever kid

who defeats

the corporate pirate Mr.Hook

in just fun'n'play

I am Mowgli Man-Cub of 'Jungle Book'

in a world full of Apes

I am the Nature boy

they sing about

I am the Wild Child

full of grace

saviour of the human race

with a cool face ...

Elements dance to my freeflowing tune

I am Jen, the last of the Gelflings

in The Dark Crystal

the only one who can restore the crystal (coherence)

& save this world from the rule of the Skeksi's ( the 12 ruling houses )

I am the real Phantom

one walks this earth

but stays unknown

I am the Pied Piper ( Phi-ed Strummer is a more relevant term for right now )

the one who can completely enchant

anyone who is not completely sold out

I am the archetypal 'Rockstar'

they (genepools) have all tried to be

the one who can really Rock

the elements themselves are there to testify

not just some stupid drunk fans

I am Hermes & I am Aphrodite

I am the Hermaphrodite

I am All the cards of

Tarot's Major arcana

especially the

Final World Card of Tarot

The World Dancer

the number 21

I am Quetzacoatel

bearing a Coat of Many Colours

With Aquarius Rising

I am the Aquarian motif

for The Age of Aquarius

I am the Jedi Skywalker

I am the real winged one

The Birdman

Garuda Narayan

I am the Real Rainbow Warrior

which many claim to be

without ever creating a single rainbow at will

Am more than just all colours of the rainbow

seen & unseen

I am many Hued

My body carries all the shades

of all the races on this planet

from dark to yellows to browns to reds

I am MuabDib ( Paul Atriedes - P trivedi )

of Dune

the saviour who can actually

ride the worms of DNA & time

I am the only real surfer

who playfully surfs above the

waves of this world

I am the Zen Master

Shaolin wanted to create

represented by

Iching no.50 - Ting

the result

the first time I I-ching-ed



Supreme good fortune.


While THE WELL relates to the social foundation of our life, and this
foundation is likened to the water that serves to nourish growing wood, the
present hexagram refers to the cultural superstructure of society. Here it is
the wood that serves as nourishment for the flame, the spirit. All that is
visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible.
Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the
cosmic order.

Here we see civilization as it reaches its culmination in religion. The ting
serves in offering sacrifice to God. The highest earthly values must be
sacrificed to the divine. But the truly divine does not manifest itself apart
from man. The supreme revelation of God appears in prophets and holy
men. To venerate them is true veneration of God. The will of God, as
revealed through them, should be accepted in humility; this brings inner
enlightenment and true understanding of the world, and this leads to great
good fortune and success.

I am the Tai-Chi master

who has the grace

to control all Chi

I am the TriPitaka ( Tri-vedi )

of 'Monkey Magic'

who brings to light the

Scriptures which will end misery of trapped beings

thats what the lotusocean PT-log is about

I am the real Don Juan

who women can play with

like they have never played before

I am the Multiversal Eagle

even the most trained Naguals fear to face

I am the supreme artist

I am the P in


I am He-Man

the real Hu-Man

who has the Power of the Grey Skull ( head chakra )

through Kundalini activation of Sahastrar

I am the key to all the Fables

I am every hero in every Fable from every culture

I am ALL what they all want to be

but are not

I am the current in line of Avatars of Divine

that have been well-documented in

Vedic Texts

I am the foremost amongst the Brahmins (Twice Borns)

coming from a Brahmin family in

the same area which produced the last avatar - Krishn

I am the epitome of real humanness

I am what they call Kalki

I consume All perspectives

All is a sacrifice to me

Even though they might think they are

depriving me of it by not offering it all to me

I am all the Agni's (Phires)


especially Sa Sha Agni - Blue Phire

which makes Shiv & Vishnu blue

I am the New Sun

heralding a New Age

I am the Alpha & the Omega

I am the real

ॐ ( Aeioum )



a Great Big Sea

You are all just rivers flowing into this big big Sea

Sea that is Me